Persian Cuisine Recipes: Kabab-e-Barg چلوکباب برگ

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Kabab-e-Barg  چلوکباب برگ
(Recipe Prepared by N. Shaida)

500 g (1 Ib) fillets of lamb tenderloin
2 medium onions
1 cup olive oil
salt and pepper


Trim the lamb of all fat so that only the long eye of the fillet remains.  Cut into three or four wedges.  With the hand, press each wedge firmly on a wet board to flatten slightly, then holding the meat firmly in the palm of your hand, slice the meat horizontally with a knife but do not sever completely.  Marinate the lamb in grated onion, olive oil, salt, and pepper, and leave it overnight.

Straighten out the meat to a long fillet, beat lightly with the blunt edge of a skewer through the length of each one. When the charcoal is burning white, grill the kebabs on both sides until cooked. When cooked, slide the kebab off the skewer and serve immediately with white rice.