Persian Cuisine Recipes: Kabab Koobideh کباب کوبیده

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Kabab Koobideh  کباب کوبیده
(Recipe Prepared by N. Shaida)

500 g (1 Ib) boned shoulder lamb
1 medium grated onion
Salt and pepper


Mince the meat finely, then add onion, salt, and pepper to it and pummel well together for 15 minutes until the mixture is smooth and sticky. Keeping your hands wet, take a handful of the mixture and mold the mixture lightly with the fingers, making indentations all the way down the skewer, press firmly to the skewer at both ends. The kebabs should be 20 cm (7-8 in) long.
Grill the kebabs on both sides until nicely browned and cooked through. Remove the kebabs from the skewer and cover it with Persian bread. Serve immediately with pickles and fresh herbs or with rice.